Defects revealed in a Montgomery Home Inspection: chimney defects, mastic problems, worn shingles, & settlement in a masonry wall - Old Cloverdale, Montgomery


A recent historic home inspection in the picturesque Old Cloverdale area of Montgomery shed light on significant defects within a well-built brick home. This full spectrum home inspection revealed noteworthy issues related to roofing, siding, electrical system, plumbing, chimney defects and sewer defects. Furthermore, the inspection uncovered a significant offset in the lateral sewer line and multiple chimney defects discovered during a chimney scan. To ensure a comprehensive inspection, including a sewer scope and chimney scan, is always recommended. In this article, we will delve into the details of this inspection, emphasizing the importance of addressing these common issues to maintain the integrity of your historic Montgomery home.

Choosing a Professional Montgomery Home Inspector for Comprehensive Assessments:

The homeowner wisely engaged the services of a professional Montgomery home inspector, East Alabama Home Inspectors to conduct a thorough assessment of their historic property in Old Cloverdale. The inspector's extensive knowledge and expertise allowed for meticulous examination of the home's various systems and components, identifying potential defects and safety concerns. This comprehensive approach provided invaluable insights into the overall condition of the property, empowering the homeowner to make informed decisions regarding necessary repairs and maintenance.

Roofing, Siding, and Chimney Defects:

The inspection uncovered significant issues related to the roofing shingles, siding, and chimney of the historic home. The roof exhibited signs of wear and tear, such as missing shingles and deteriorated flashing, posing a risk of leaks and subsequent water damage. The siding revealed areas of decay and an impact site that demanded immediate attention to prevent further structural damage and maintain the home's aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the chimney scan identified several defects in the masonry flue tiles, emphasizing the need for repair to ensure proper ventilation and mitigate potential safety hazards.

Electrical System and Plumbing Problems:

The inspection report highlighted various defects within the electrical system and plumbing of the home. Outdated GFCIs, inadequate grounding, and double taps were identified as potential safety risks. Promptly addressing these electrical deficiencies and seeking assistance from a licensed electrician for necessary repairs and upgrades are crucial steps to ensure a safe and functional home.

The inspection also revealed several plumbing issues. Corroded pipes, loose toilets, and ventilation issues were among the problems observed. However, the most notable finding was the significant offset in the lateral sewer line. This discovery underscores the importance of incorporating a sewer scope inspection into the overall home inspection process.

The Significance of Sewer Scope Inspections and Chimney Scans:

A sewer scope inspection is an essential component of any comprehensive home inspection, particularly for historic homes. By inserting a camera into the sewer line, this inspection assesses its condition, identifying potential problems such as offsets, cracks, or blockages. Conducting a sewer scope inspection allows homeowners to proactively address sewer line issues before they escalate into costly and disruptive problems. In Montgomery, where historic homes abound, including a sewer scope inspection in the overall inspection process is a prudent investment.

Similarly, a chimney scan is an important aspect of inspecting a historic home. It involves using advanced technology to assess the condition of the chimney, including the masonry flue tiles. Identifying any defects or issues allows homeowners to address them promptly, ensuring proper ventilation, and mitigating fire and safety hazards.


The recent historic home inspection in the Old Cloverdale area of Montgomery exposed significant defects within a well-built brick home. By engaging the services of a professional Montgomery home inspector, the homeowner gained comprehensive insights into the roofing, siding, electrical system, plumbing, and chimney issues present in their property. Addressing these common issues is crucial for maintaining the integrity, safety, and value of historic homes in Montgomery.

To ensure a comprehensive inspection, including a sewer scope and chimney scan, is highly recommended. By conducting these specialized inspections, homeowners can proactively identify and address sewer line and chimney-related problems.