Who Offers Pool Inspections in Auburn, AL?

East Alabama Home Inspectors will look for damage and proper drainage

Don’t assume that once a pool is installed, your worries are over. Improper drainage and soil pressure can lead to a host of problems. East Alabama Home Inspectors offers pool inspection services to make sure your pool is not damaged and everything around the pool has been properly installed. We have inspection experience with residential pools and shared pools at duplexes. Our completed report will include photos. You will receive as much information as possible to help educate you about your pool, its structure and drainage. Call 334-231-2827 today to schedule a pool inspection in the Auburn, AL area.

We look for hazards in the pool area

We look for hazards in the pool area

Our pool inspection services are thorough. We will go as far as pouring water on the coping and concrete area around the pool to see if there is a slip hazard. We also check:

  • The metal that is touching water to make sure it is grounded correctly
  • The electrical work around the pool
  • The bottom and liner of the pool to check for cracking and damage

We also look at the pool’s plumbing and piping to make sure everything is working. Contact East Alabama Home Inspectors today to learn more about our pool inspection services.