There are numerous things to take into account when buying a property. Before making a choice, it’s critical to carefully consider every factor, including the property’s size, location, and structural soundness. One important factor that is frequently disregarded is the state of the sewer system. In order to avoid future expensive repairs, a sewer inspection is an essential step in the purchasing process of any property. All property must have a sewer system because it is what removes waste and wastewater from the building. East Alabama Home Inspectors has been providing sewer scopes in the area for over six yrs and has seen thousands of sewer lines and defects.

Key Takeaways

Sewer inspection is important when purchasing a property
East Alabama Home Inspectors offers the highest quality, reliable sewer inspection services
Hiring a professional sewer inspector has many benefits
Preparing for a sewer inspection is crucial
Common sewer problems can be costly to repair

Many issues, such as sewage backups, unpleasant odors, and even structural damage to the property, can result from a broken or malfunctioning sewer system. These problems can cause major financial burdens in addition to being inconvenient & unpleasant. East Alabama Home Inspectors is a name you can trust for sewer inspection services. East Alabama Home Inspectors has made a name for itself as a reputable and knowledgeable supplier of sewer inspection services thanks to its many years in the business.

By making sure that every property is carefully inspected, their team of knowledgeable experts aims to provide clients peace of mind and insightful information about the state of the sewage system. Numerous advantages come with selecting East Alabama Home Inspectors for your sewage inspection requirements. First of all, the professionals on their team have extensive training and knowledge in all facets of sewer inspection. They are qualified to recognize possible problems & offer precise evaluations of the state of the sewer system. To make wise decisions when buying a property, this degree of experience is essential.

East Alabama Home Inspectors performs sewer inspections using cutting-edge tools and methods in addition to their experience. This guarantees that each inspection is exhaustive and comprehensive, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Auburn provides clients with a comprehensive report on the state of the sewer system, even down to the smallest indications of damage or deterioration, thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

Inspection Metric Description

Sewer Line Length- The total length of the sewer line from the property to the main sewer line.
Lateral Line Material- The type of material used to construct the sewer line, such as PVC, cast iron, or clay.
Sewer Line Age-The age of the sewer line, which can affect its condition and potential for problems.
Condition of sewer line- The overall condition of the sewer line, including any cracks, blockages, or other issues.
Lateral sewer Line Defect Types The different types of common defects present in the sewer line are pointed out.
Sewer Line Maintenance- Signs of previous maintenance and repairs performed on the sewer line are noted.

When it comes to evaluating the state of a property’s sewer system, there are a lot of benefits to hiring an expert sewer inspector. First of all, experts are equipped with the skills and knowledge to spot possible problems that the untrained eye might miss. This is why its never a good idea to hire someone who has not performed thousands of of sewer line inspections. They are able to identify damage, obstructions, or deterioration that could be the precursor to more issues. Professional sewer inspectors also have access to specialized equipment that enables them to carry out in-depth examinations. This involves the use of high-resolution 4k color or better cameras to take in-depth pictures of the interior by inserting them into the sewage pipes.

Types of Defects

Cracks, leaks, and other problems that might not be apparent from the surface or to the untrained eye can be seen in these pictures. Experts can accurately assess the state of the sewer system by using this equipment, their trained eye, and accumulated knowledge. The sewer inspection crew at East Alabama Home Inspectors has a great deal of expertise performing sewer inspections.

They have the knowledge & experience to recognize even the most complicated problems because they have dealt with a variety of sewer problems throughout their careers. Due to their training and experience, they are able to offer clients insightful advice on how to handle any issues that may come up during the inspection. In order to ensure a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the property’s sewer system, preparing for a sewer inspection is an essential step.

Preparation for a Sewer Inspection

The following advice will help you get ready for a sewer inspection:1. Information gathering: Prior to the inspection, compile any knowledge you may have regarding the sewer system on the property. This might include maintenance logs, prior inspection reports, or any issues or repairs that are known to exist. 2. Clear access points: Make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of your easy access to the sewer system. To ensure the inspector can perform a comprehensive inspection, it is necessary to clear any obstructions or debris. Three.

Notify the seller: It’s crucial to let the seller know about the impending sewer inspection if you’re buying a property. This enables them to get the property ready and provide the sewer system any access that may be required. 4. Attend the inspection: It is advisable to be present during the sewer inspection whenever feasible. As a result, you can raise any concerns or possible problems, learn more about the inspector’s conclusions, and ask questions. East Alabama Home Inspectors’ team of experts will thoroughly evaluate the property’s sewer system during a sewer inspection.

Usually, this procedure entails the following steps:1. First assessment: The sewer system on the property will be examined by the inspector in the first instance. This could involve looking for any obvious evidence of damage or deterioration on the property’s exterior. 2. Examining the inside of the sewer lines with a high-resolution 4k color camera is the next step the inspector will take.

This camera is put into the sewer lines to take precise pictures of the state of the pipes. The inspector will closely review these photos to look for any indications of obstructions, damage, or other problems. 3. Inspection with a camera: The inspector might also carry out a drainage test. In order to evaluate the flow of the sewer system and find any potential obstructions or blockages, this entails running water through it. 4. Comprehensive report: Following the inspection, East Alabama Home Inspectors will send you a link to the video and a brief comprehensive summary report below the video outlining the state of the sewer system.

In addition to an overall evaluation of the system’s state, this report will include recommendations for maintenance or repairs & any issues that were found. Many typical sewage issues might be found during a sewer inspection. It’s critical to recognize these concerns because, if ignored, they may have serious repercussions. Typical sewer issues consist of the following: 1. offsets at the joints,

2. Damaged or cracked pipes: Tree root intrusion, ground movement, rust, and other conditions can cause sewer pipes to split or sustain damage over time. These fissures may result in clogs, leaks, or even total pipe failure. 3. Blockages: A buildup of debris, grease, or other materials may cause blockages in the sewer lines. Sewage backups, unpleasant smells, & possible sewer system damage can result from these obstructions.

4. Bellied pipes: A section of the sewer line that sinks or moves out of alignment is known as a bellied pipe. Blockages and possible pipe damage may arise from the accumulation of debris & wastewater as a result of this. 5.

Tree root intrusion: The nutrients and moisture in sewer lines draw the attention of tree roots. Tree roots can seep into the pipes over time & result in blockages, fractures, or even total pipe collapse. 6. Sewer line collapse: Aging, deterioration, or outside influences can cause sewer lines to collapse in extreme circumstances. Emergency response is necessary for a collapsed sewer line, which may need expensive replacement or repairs. Depending on the circumstances and the degree of damage, the possible costs of sewer replacement and repairs can change.

Remediation Costs, Considerations & Negotiations

It’s crucial to remember that sewer replacement and repairs can be highly costly. Among the expenses are:1. Cost of repair: Depending on the specific repairs needed and the degree of damage, the cost of repairing a sewer line can vary. This may entail filling in fissures, changing out broken pipe segments, or removing obstructions. 2. Replacement costs: Replacing the sewer line entirely may be necessary in certain circumstances. This might entail digging up the old pipe and putting in a new one.

Replacements can be much more expensive than repairs, particularly if substantial excavation is needed. 3. Extra expenses: After the sewer work is finished, there can be further expenses related to restoring the property in addition to the direct costs of repairs or replacements. This may entail restoring any impacted areas of the property, landscaping, or fixing any damage resulting from excavation. Before completing the purchase of the property, it’s critical to take care of any problems found during the sewage inspection.

Speak with the seller about sewer repairs as one option. The following advice will assist you in negotiating sewer repairs:1. Get several quotes: It’s advised to get quotes for the required repairs or replacements from reliable contractors before engaging in any negotiations. This will help you get a better idea of what the possible expenses might be. 2.

Present evidence: Give the seller the thorough sewer inspection report, outlining the problems found and the estimated costs of replacement or repairs. During negotiations, you can use this evidence to support your position. 3. Consult a professional: It’s advisable to consult a professional if you’re unclear of how to go about negotiating sewer repairs. A real estate representative or lawyer can offer direction and support as you work through the negotiating process. 4. In certain situations, it could be advantageous to suggest a cost-sharing plan to the seller.

Take cost-sharing into consideration. Reducing the financial burden on both sides, this can entail both parties paying a portion of the replacement or repair costs. You may be able to save a substantial sum of money by haggling with the seller over sewer repairs. You may guarantee that the property is in good condition and prevent possible future costs by taking care of the problems before completing the purchase. In the long run, a sewer inspection can save you money, even though it might appear like an extra cost during the property buying process.

When you see possible problems before completing the purchase, you can:1. Cut down on expensive repairs: You can save yourself the possible high costs of replacing or repairing the sewer system by taking care of any problems before buying the property. You may avoid unforeseen financial difficulties in the future by doing this. 2. Talk about repairs with the seller: As was already mentioned, a sewer inspection can give you important information to use in negotiations. You might save a good deal of money if you take care of the problems before buying the property. 3.

Make a budget and plan for future maintenance if any small problems are found during the sewer inspection. This enables you to proactively handle any possible issues and steer clear of expensive emergency repairs. 4. Make wise choices: You can learn a lot about the state of the property’s sewer system from a sewer inspection. You can use this information to weigh potential future costs when making decisions about buying a property. To sum up, a sewer inspection is an essential step in the process of buying a property.

It enables you to evaluate the state of the sewer system & spot any possible problems that might later require expensive repairs. You may take advantage of East Alabama Home Inspectors’ knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge machinery by selecting them for your sewer inspection requirements. Never forget that by avoiding expensive repairs, haggling with the seller, and making wise decisions, a sewer inspection can save you money over time. Sewer inspections are crucial, so don’t undervalue them when buying a home.

Make sure you are investing wisely and safeguarding yourself from future financial hardships by taking the appropriate actions. Make wise decisions when buying a property by selecting East Alabama Home Inspectors for your sewer inspection requirements.

If you’re considering buying a property, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure you’re making a sound investment. One aspect that often gets overlooked is sewer inspection. A faulty sewer system can lead to costly repairs and health hazards. In a recent article by the East Alabama Home Inspectors (EAHI), they emphasize the importance of sewer inspection before purchasing a property. They provide valuable insights on why this step is essential and how it can save you from potential headaches down the line. To learn more about the significance of sewer inspection, check out the article on EAHI’s website:


What is sewer inspection?

Sewer inspection is a process of examining the condition of the sewer lines and pipes that run underground from a property to the main sewer line.

Why is sewer inspection important before buying a property?

Sewer inspection is important before buying a property because it helps identify any potential problems with the sewer system that could lead to costly repairs in the future.

What are some common issues found during sewer inspection?

Some common issues found during sewer inspection include cracks, blockages, tree root intrusion, corrosion, and collapsed pipes.

Who should perform the sewer inspection?

A licensed plumber or sewer inspector should perform the sewer inspection.

How long does a sewer inspection take?

A sewer inspection typically takes between 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the sewer system.

What is the cost of a sewer inspection?

The cost of a sewer inspection varies depending on the location and the size of the property. On average, a sewer inspection can cost between $450-$875.

Can a seller refuse to allow a sewer inspection?

A seller can refuse to allow a sewer inspection, but it is recommended that buyers avoid purchasing a property without a sewer inspection.

What happens if issues are found during the sewer inspection?

If issues are found during the sewer inspection, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to have the issues repaired or to lower the purchase price of the property.